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Carla Joinson, authorI have been a writer all my life, but entered the profession for pay about 20 years ago. I have written extensively in the business and human  resources field, but also enjoy writing on more general topics for magazines and other venues. About 25% of my business involves editing and  critiquing work for others. I am working on a nonfiction book about the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians, which is the topic of this website and blog. I’ve written about three-fourths of the book, and have just completed my final bit of research for it at the National Archives
repository in Kansas City, Missouri.

I’m extremely pleased to say that my blog about Canton Asylum (started in February 2010) has had more than 500,000 hits so far.

I am currently a graduate student (MA in history), and I have to say that it’s a great feeling to be back on a campus after so many years away. I recently presented a paper at a regional Phi Alpha Theta conference and won a Certificate of Excellence for a top graduate paper.
I find myself returning time and again to a period between the Civil War and the Depression for both fiction and nonfiction, and I hope to refine my knowledge of this particular era in U.S. history. I enjoy research and digging through facts, and love to bring stories to life for readers who may think history is dry and dull.

I have previously published books for younger readers. My biography, Civil War Doctor: The Story of Mary Walker (Morgan Reynolds; 2007) was chosen unanimously for the Amelia Bloomer Project, which is sponsored by the Social Responsibilities Roundtable of the American Library

Earlier, my young adult historical novel, A Diamond in the Dust (Dial, 2001) was a 2002 Young Adult Library Services Association “Best Books for Young Adults” nominee.

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