Carla Joinson, Writer

I’ve been a writer for nearly twenty years and along the way have dabbled in many different types of writing. I started out with magazine articles on a variety of topics, but gradually focused on the areas of business and human resources. I was a contributing editor to HR Magazine for a few years, and enjoyed researching new trends and business practices. Many of my articles from that magazine have been referenced in books, white papers, and other publications.

I’ve always written fiction during my spare time, and have published two young adult novels: March of Glory and A Diamond in the Dust. I recently won Deadly Ink’s 2009 short story competition with my tale “Get Out of Town.” You can read this story in Deadly Ink’s 2009 short story anthology, available at Amazon.

I write for both adults and children, so I hope you’ll take a look at what I’ve done and drop me a note if you see anything of interest.  ~~ Carla Joinson

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